The Source of the Mulan Traits

I have gotten word that my posts are lengthy, I’m sorry for that but you have to understand, it’s a blog, it’s meant to be elaborate so it can be understood. So I apologise in advance for this one.

Love is like the sun, a source of light…. Brighter than anything, it’s a source of power. © Oluwatoyosi.

Hey peoples 🤭, I have a question… How many of us have watched Mulan? I have🤪 and it’s amazing. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you do. Mulan is a movie that depicts a woman in a man’s world, you know all those Chinese fighting where it’s only men who are allowed to fight, yeah that’s it. But what caught my attention was the traits she needed to possess and unknown to her the source of those traits inscribed on her sword.

The traits are: LOYAL, BRAVE AND TRUE, but at the end another trait was inscribed called DEDICATION TO FAMILY. Now all these traits are powerful and are what made her the best fighter or in our case God’s children. Just one more thing, I said there is a source to these traits and although they were unknown to her she made it very clear and it is LOVE.

Let’s look at Saul, who was a terror to Christians. You could say he possessed the traits, he was loyal to the Jews, brave enough to persecute Christians, he thought he was true to himself, he was dedicated to those that fed him lies BUT he never loved anything and where did that get him, I’ll tell you Blindness. We may think that where we are now without God is perfect but what will happen when everything you have begin to fade away?, everything you worked for just vanishes?, I mean immediately Saul gave his life to Christ those people he claimed to love turned against him in a matter of minutes. You will be left with nothing.

If I give away all that I have and deliver my body to be burned but have not love, I am nothing. 1cor 13:3

Now look at Saul when he became God’s child, he began to possess the traits, He was loyal to God (jn 10:14-15), he became brave enough to preach the gospel (heb 4:12), he was true to himself that he was who God said he is ( jer 29:12-13), he was dedicated to God ( 1jn 3:1) but most importantly, he LOVED God, that was his source of strength. If Mulan hadn’t loved her country, she won’t fight for them, if she didn’t love her people, she won’t be loyal to them, if she didn’t love her family, she won’t be dedicated to them and mostly she wouldn’t have been true to herself.

I read a book by Joyce Meyer called Reduced to love and she said “Love is the source of faith” and I completely agree with her. If we do not love someone unconditionally and we do things for them, then you’re doing it just for show but you are gaining nothing. So you might think you possess these traits, just ask yourself, are these traits helping you gain everything or nothing. I pray for those who read this that God will teach you to love him and everyone around you, in Jesus name😍.

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A Perfect Recipe??

Is there a mistake made, Learn from it… Is there a pit being dug, Rise from it. © Oluwatoyosi

I’ve always wondered why PAP is so hard to make. Despite it’s simplicity, I am still not perfect in it. The first time I tried it, my mum told me exactly what to do but unfortunately mine was still ssoo watery. My mum did it the exact way I did mine and it was okay. My friend ‘Towo’ yes I said her name cause she’s food fantastic, wrote on her foodie WhatsApp group how to make a perfect pap but still it wasn’t perfect enough for me. So I just blended together what my mum told me to do and what Towo said to do and voila I made my own perfect pap. So to me, there is no perfect recipe to cook any food simple or difficult. That’s what makes it unique.

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect. Matt5:48

That verse confused me to the extreme, so I began my digging and I found out two more verses that the words were written in a slightly different way.

You therefore must be holy even as you heavenly father is holy. Lev19:2. You therefore must be merciful even as your heavenly father is merciful. Luke 6:36

I became more confused, so I sat on my bed and looked at the sun meditating on throse verses and I thought of something. We are Human beings, God’s creation and he made us fearfully and wonderfully. He made us perfectly. But then we make mistakes, the other verses said holy and merciful, so I came to the conclusion that being perfect is a process. Like every recipe there are ingredients.

-God: many people believe we don’t need God to be complete but you see he is already perfect so all we need to do his follow him. Matt 11:28 he’s talking to everyone especially unbelievers. He came for them. Go and learn what this means, ‘ I desire mercy and not sacrifice’s. For I came not to call the righteous but the sinners. Matt 9:13. So to be truly complete, we need Him in our lives and I bet you, you will absolutely love it. ❤️❤️

Please read

Titus 2 holds every ingredient we need to finish strong. Honestly to be Calm, Honest, obedient, diligent, respectful, serious, sensible, sound in faith, loving, steadfast, kind, accommodating, sober, upright, self controlled, patient, is a freaking hard task. It’s exhausting, frustrating and breaking especially in the world we live in, but all worth it when we start receiving our rewards on Earth and in Heaven.😊. I beseech you whenever we feel frustrated, talk to God and rebuild your faith. He’s never not with you and he’s always listening.

Making mistakes is one thing but learning and growing from it is the best thing to do. If I start to explain each of these ingredients I’m afraid it will scare us off so I urge you all reading to please check it out and meditate on it. Every person is unique in their own way and in our God’s eye we are his perfection. 😍

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A Recipe for Forgiveness

Good afternoon people’s 😋, How our week going?… Mine is good so far. So on Tuesday 8 September, I was reading the Bible, Matthew 2 to be exact, you know the Wonderful birth of Christ Jesus. As I read it, I noticed that 4 prophecies were fulfilled at just the birth of Christ in that chapter 2. So I told myself, let me even see these prophecies 🤔 and I stumbled upon the second prophecy, that said ” Out of Egypt have I called my son.” So I checked it and found out it was written in Hosea 11:1. I read the verse one but kept reading up to verse 12, and let me tell you reading that chapter my heart burned within me. I felt like crying.🥺🥺😭😭

Have you ever been in a situation whereby, you as a believer sins and then asks for forgiveness, your forgiven and then you keep doing that sin and keep asking for forgiveness. If I were to be God, I would be frustrated with that person and just deny him 😒… But Glory to God, I am not Him, just a human, not to talk of the Almighty God, whose patience is great. This scenario is exactly what the people of Israel did. Hosea 11:1 said when Israel was a child, I loved him. God loved Israel Soo much. Now Hosea 11: 2 showed just how frustrating they became. God drew closer to them and they went farther. Haba, it was too much.

Now that is just for believers, if God could keep patient and keep forgiving them because Hosea 11:9 showed the everlasting love God had for him to not execute his anger then how much more for people who don’t believe in him. I have met some people (unbelievers) who say they don’t believe because they are not sure God will forgive them, and some said because he didn’t do somethings for them. Let me tell you, God’s greatest blessing to us is his forgiveness. His word said: I have come not for those who believe but for the sinners so that they may be forgiven. How amazing. Before I gave my life to Christ, I did somethings I’m not proud of, but the moment I stood from my chair to get to that altar, I made a decision to beg for his forgiveness, to be his.

Check the parable of the lost sheep, Matthew 18:12-15, the man left 99 sheep’s to look for just one that went stray. Just one, just one… He left 99 people to find me, I’m dancing. He left 99 people to find you, freaking YOU.
It doesn’t matter what you have done in your past, what matters is how you handle your future. Look at Saul, a cruel man, a wicked dude… All it took for him was that light and for him to ask for forgiveness to become the one of the greatest apostle in the Bible. Not to talk of us. God loves everyone, sinner or not, that’s why he gave his only begotten son to freaking die on a tree on a cross with all the shame and disgrace just for us to see his everlasting love.

So I’m telling everyone believer or not, it’s never too late to go to him. He is waiting with open arms for us. Waiting to embrace us, forgive us and bless us. Don’t put yourself down, carry yourself up and meet him with all your heart. Even if it’s to go on ur knees or stand and beg for forgiveness, I tell you, your life will change for better. I am a testimony.

The Faith Tree and it’s Delicious Fruits😋

Faith is like a tree, You can choose to water it and watch it grow… Or you can leave it dormant and watch it die. ©Oluwatoyosi

My faith is alive and growing

A little story of mine: This happened many years ago, I can’t really remember my age but I had recently given my life to Christ. I was outside sitting at the balcony, I was alone and our generator wasn’t working and we needed it. My dad was going to waste money repairing it again and I just sat there looking at the generator, praying it would come on. I don’t know what took over my body, or my mind but the thought “Go and on it, go on, you can on it” kept running through… So I stood up and went to switch it on and people it came on. I was shocked, this is the generator, my dad and brother have been trying to get on for hours and it took just one push to come on. I just started laughing, it was amazing. I HAD FAITH IN GOD THAT I COULD TURN IT ON.

Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen… Hebrew 11:1.

When we read the whole chapter of Hebrew 11, we see that everyone that had grew their tree of faith, were given a delicious Fruit. I mean just look at Abraham, the dude left his parents home, the only place he had ever known because God said so, he believed and had faith in God that he couldn’t be led astray and he was given an Inheritance and a Land of promise. See Mama Sarah, she had faith despite over 80 years of barrenness that I’m sure people of today would have started insulting God and finding other means to conceive. She freaking believed and was finally given the power to conceive. Even Moses, the guy who was shy and kept looking for excuses not to go back to Egypt. He finally grew balls😜, and had the faith to go back, bring the people out, part the red Sea, even spreading blood on their doors during Passover. Many more of them have done it. And you say, you have tried. Haaha, I laugh. Push yourself, develop your Faith.

Having faith and growing the faith, keeping the faith and building it is very difficult. We can get tired, frustrated, angry, sad and many more but that’s what makes it worth it. To see that your faith was not in vain and then relish on your Delicious Fruit. It’s the most sweetest and amazing thing that could happen. There are times I have been angry because I had not gotten what I so much wanted despite my faith but let me tell you God might not give you what you want, but He definitely will give you what you need.

Matthew 17:20b
For truly I say to you, if you have faith [that is living] like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to yonder place, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

All I can say is be patient, keep that faith, pray, worship him and I promise you. It will be worth it😉. Your fruit will just be dancing in your hand all sweet waiting to be devoured.😆😋😋

The Road to Acknowledgement

When the spirit comes, the heart rejoices… The burden is gone, and then we lift up our voices. ©Oluwatoyosi

Hey everyone… So I was in the middle of a worship session (just me and God) in front of my mirror when the title dropped in my head and I thought of Saul’s conversion. Saul was a big THREAT to many christians in his days, they were afraid to cross paths with him and the Man still had the audacity to ASK for PERMISSION to PERSECUTE them… Like who does that 🤷🤷. So just imagine when a person who had persecuted many people suddenly started helping them 😆😆, I would be so scared like “what if he snaps and decides to bind us” but God had other plans for him, bigger plans because he said it himself “I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name” Act 9:16.

Acknowledgement means to recognize existence, authority, truth or genuineness. From ACT 9, we see exactly how Saul acknowledged Christ on his way to Damascus. I mean the man was only going, he didn’t expect a flash of light to pop out of nowhere, so I’m just gonna say what I think: when Saul chose to pass through Damascus, he didn’t know it would be his road to acknowledgement. The road to Damascus for Saul was his road to recognition of who Christ is, of the truth. Damascus was the path, but when he said “who are you lord” he acknowledged Christ.

My personal experience: It was at the camp (April 2015 holy ghost service) that I gave my life to Christ. When Daddy G.O started counting, people, I started running. I sat at I think 16G (can’t really recall) and it was a loooonng way to the front, so I kept running even when I was out of breath, I kept running… My running journey was my own Road to Acknowledgement. It was the path I had to take to acknowledge Christ as my saviour. Hallelujah… And I succeeded.

Everyone has their own story of how they gave their life to Christ, it maybe in the church, in the camp, at a crusade, you name it but that moment that we decided to stand up and walk to him or run to him or even leap to him was our Road to acknowledging him as our saviour. It’s the path we had to take to secure our lives with Christ, it’s the journey we had to go on to become His, and it’s the road we had to take for Christ to acknowledge us as His. Many may not agree with my explanation but it was the way Christ put it in my head when we were bonding that worship session. For everyone that understands this will know that on that road, we become lighter, like a burden was lifted when we decided to go to God.

Come to me all ye that labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:26 If any man would come to me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24

If you check the scriptures well, we see that even Abraham had to leave his father’s house and begin his journey to knowing his God, Moses had to walk his sheep to through the path of the burning bush to know that God exist, Simon Peter had to leave his work to meet Jesus, and so on… All I am saying is that for every person believer or not, we had passed through or will pass through our own path to aknowledging Christ. It may be now or later but to acknowledge Christ is like getting the biggest cake on Earth.😊☺️ I love food🤭😜

The journey may be long, but the outcome is worth it

The butter of craziness wrapped in the bread of freewill

They say those in love do crazy things, But we already live in a crazy world… We are all given a choice, And accordingly, the world will revolve ©Oluwatoyosi

Hey guys, it’s Friday again… I’m not gonna lie, Everytime I’m about to write a post, I’m always nervous (chuckles). It’s like I don’t want to disappoint someone with what I write, so I just ask God to take over (calmer).

I know the title looks fishy, I can’t help it, I’m thinking of food right now but anyways, I got the title this morning because I was going over the things I did this week and it just sounded fitting.

Let’s get to the butter of crazy😂: I was at the bank on Tuesday, ( for the record, I officially dislike banks🤪). I was sitting under the sun waiting for my number to be called (162, long right) and then the word crazy popped in my head. Crazy, a word used to describe something extra, insane if you would, or out of control, or even in love… So I sat there and thought of anytime I have done something crazy, then it hit me. I remembered when I was little ( I think 9 or so) and my parents took us to silverbird galleria, it was amazing, we watched a movie in the cinema and then came to chill at the lobby. I remember walking to the middle of the lobby and started dancing ballet, I had no idea what took over me but I just danced to the slow tune playing in the lobby, my eyes were closed and when I finished, I was surrounded by claps that’s when I opened my eyes and ran back to my dad. It was crazy😂.

I was smiling to myself as I sat on the rock at the bank and then another thought hit me… Abraham was about to sacrifice his son that he had waited ssoooooooooo long for, Moses went back to the palace of pharaoh knowing fully well they could kill him, Joseph ran away from Potiphar’s wife when he could have done whatever he wanted, Jacob decided to work for Laban another long years just to marry Rachael…. Jesus had to sacrifice himself for the people who wanted him dead and so many more just because they were determined in their Love and need for God. Just like that I thought they were all crazy🤫. All these people were Human Beings and at a point in their lives, all did something crazy for God. They could have chosen not to do it but alas they did and look at the mark they made in the world.

I call heaven and Earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and a curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live. Deut 30:19

That brings me to the Bread of free will: (another story, if you will); I remember sitting outside on Wednesday 29th of july, chatting with my friends and at a point I looked at the sky and saw a half moon. So I asked my friend if the moon divides itself, she said she doesn’t know and I asked my brother and he said ” the dark clouds cover half of the moon leaving the other half to give light to the Earth”. There was no star insight so the moon was on its own. I looked at the half moon long and hard and I realized we had a blessing. The moon comes out at night basking in it’s beauty and splendor be it in half where it shares it’s presence with the clouds and the Earth, or in full where it gives the Earth it’s full attention. While the stars can come out anytime they want.

And I then related the moon to God, God sits on his throne basking in his majesty, royalty and glory
He could be like the half moon where he just comes to check on his people and the hosts of heaven…
And he could be the full moon where he gives us all his attention.
But still he is always there.

We are more like stars, we could choose whether to come out and reign in God’s majesty, worshipping him and doing his work in other words the stars could choose whether they wanna come out and dance around the moon
We could choose to stay back and let the moon do all the work in other words leave God alone

But that’s where the blessing comes in. God gave us freewill, we may chose to stay or leave but In everything and through everything
He is always there, like the moon be it in half or full.

I was watching Grey’s anatomy on Thursday midnight and though it’s just a movie… A man dying of a drug that has saved many lives was telling his doctor who made bad life choices that “it’s either we believe in God or go screw ourselves” his words not mine. This man from his look and emotions was in grave pain, his flesh was detaching from his body… Yet all he could do at his last hours was tell his doctor again that ” the world is in pain and sorrow and it’s our job to fix it, even if it’s one life that can be changed then we’ve helped 1/60th of the world. My heart soared at his words. Abraham chose to follow God and all through his life he was blessed.

There will always be hard times, temptation will come, pain will make you go insane, but the ability to stand through and lean into God is what makes us survivors, extraordinary and God’s children. God said ” we can be weak so he can be strong” 2cor 12:9.

We always have a choice and I choose to stay by God’s side and if necessary do something crazy for him. He is God, we are his children but he aknowledges us when we truly give ourselves to him.

That’s a wrap, I hope you guys take your time to brood over this. Like I said in my last post, I have no idea why I’m writing this but I know that it’s for someone not necessarily who I know but someone out there needs it. I want everyone to know that GOD LOVES US, IF NOT HE WONT SEND HIS SON TO DIE. See you guys next week Friday… Lemme Goan look for bread and butter🏃🏃🏃💓.


Life throws many things, challenges, pain,… But it gives us many things to learn aswell, strength, kindness and love. ©Oluwatoyosi

I have learnt a few things over the years, hmm… People might think what can an 18yr old know about life, truth is many things. We say the old are wise, true, but the young have the ability to learn something new. I have learnt that life is not in our hands and mostly things happen for a reason. I know for a fact that we can’t always know what lies ahead but we can control how we see and use it.

God is amazing. During this week, I noticed a series of events that took place and all led to Thursday when my grandmother died and I knew… I knew that everything that took place was all according to plan.

In life, we must be patient, God might not give is what we want, but He gives us exactly what we need

Let me share my testimony: During this year, February to be exact, I went through something weird. Right from when I got home from school, I stopped sleeping. It was like I was consumed by thoughts to the extent that I didn’t know what I was thinking about, my mind was just buzzing. I was hurting, not just from thoughts but also from what was going on around me.I had headaches, tough migraines because of lack of sleep. So I bought sleeping pills, and the pharmacist would look at me and ask “who wants to use it”, I would laugh and tell a lie. But again, those didn’t work. My parents didn’t know, I am a writer so I’m sure they thought I used the night to write. So one night, I got fed up and read my favorite verse of the Bible, Philippians 4:6-7, then I broke. It was like the tears have been building up inside me so I just let it fall and then I started talking. I spoke to God and told him exactly what was going on with me, I wept and talked. That was all I did and just like that i fell asleep. And it was the best sleep I ever had.

One little lesson: Although God knows what is in our hearts, He also wants us to talk to him. For I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13. Talk to God with all your heart.

People say the life teenager is when complicated, and it’s true. It’s amazing how a smile on someones face can decieve a lot of people. From what happened to me, I learnt that just the fact that someone smiles a lot doesn’t always mean he or she is happy, I know this because it’s what I did.

Everything that happens is for a reason. Since my ‘phase’, I never told anyone about it until some of my friends confided in me and I knew I had to tell them what happened to me. People might not believe it when I tell them my testimony but frankly I don’t care. I have done my part and God knows this.

I have no idea why I am writing this but it feels right and I hope that whoever this testimony is going to reach will use it wisely.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Oh my God, I finally did it… I finally opened my blog ‘ haaaah’. I’m so excited.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I’ve been asking myself, when Toyo, when will you start, so I picked up myself and vwala I started ✌️.

A little bit about myself: My name is Oludare Oluwatoyosi aka Toyo. I am 18yrs old. I am a God lover (Christian), He’s my true love😉. I am a food lover, it’s my first love 🤭 and I absolutely love writing. Writing is not just a hobby, it’s more than a passion.

They say when you want something with all your heart then your one step closer to the soul of the world.

I have been looking for ways to communicate, to share thoughts on just everything and anything. We are wonderful creatures, we humans, and we have different unique ways in which we think, feel and act. I find it amazing and I just wanted to create a space where I put down my thoughts on this unique ways.

I hope this blog will be worth the read. Thank you guys in advance❤️.

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